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Back to basics - What is dimensioning?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

In this article, we’ll answer the ever-popular question - What is dimensioning? We’ll run you through some different dimensioning applications and some of the solutions available with Resolution. Once you understand dimensioning, you’ll see how much it will benefit your business.

The all-important question - What does dimensioning mean?

To put it simply, dimensioning is the process of measuring either the area or volume of an object. Dimensioning calculates the capacity for storing, handling, transporting and invoicing goods. There are many different applications for dimensioning across multiple industries.

How does Dimensioning help logistics or fulfilment warehouses?

For logistics and fulfilment warehouses, knowing the exact size and weight of their inventory is crucial. From being able to better manage their cargo space to ensuring they’re paying the right shipping costs, there’s a direct link between dimensioning accuracy and profitability. Implementing a dimensioning solution in any warehouse is the best way of gathering data and increasing your warehouse efficiency.

How will dimensioning benefit your business?

Many businesses are still documenting weights and dimensions manually, this is extremely time-consuming and labour-intensive. A dimensioner will help you systematically and accurately measure packages and pallets and instantly save the data to your chosen ERP, WMS or company software packages. Ultimately, this means you'll be saving a lot of time on a daily basis.

What are the different types of dimensioners?

It's important that the type of dimensioner you implement is optimised for the items you're handling. For instance, if you're going to be dimensioning pallets and larger freight, Resolution 4 is the best choice. There are other dimensioners on the market, most of which are only capable of dimensioning square items such as boxes, whereas Resolution dimensioners are able to dimension irregular-shaped objects also.

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