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Implementing a parcel or pallet dimensioning solution to drive up profits

Automating your dimensioning process will help to optimise shipping and distribution operations

For a long time now, couriers and logistics companies have continually looked for ways to optimise and drive higher efficiencies with their warehouses, trucks and shipping containers. The main driver here is that for logistics and fulfilment companies in particular, space equals money.

Without an automated dimensioning solution, these companies would be measuring and weighing their inventory manually, which is a hugely time-consuming process, ultimately limiting their exposure to this revenue-growing solution.

By automating this process, the need for human intervention is limited and the time implications are reduced drastically, meaning that couriers and fulfilment companies can gather dimensioning and weight data for their parcels and pallets with minimal effort. This data, which a Resolution dimensioner will share with any WMS, can be used to charge more accurate shipping costs and eliminate any unused cargo space.

Speed up delivery times and increase revenue

One of the most important factors for customer satisfaction is delivery timeframes. Both B2B and B2C focused businesses will have higher customer satisfaction at the forefront of their objectives, therefore, fast throughput and shipping times are important metrics for success.

But how will a dimensioning machine help to speed up delivery times and package turnaround? Think about the amount of time it would take for a warehouse operative to manually measure and weigh a parcel, this time is saved by automatically capturing this data in under a second, all they have to do is lift the parcel onto a Resolution dimensioner such as Resolution 3. For even faster throughput, Resolution 5 inline weigh dimensioner will dimension and weigh up to 2,000 items per hour, these items can be fed onto the conveyor from a single point or integrated into another conveyor system.

Automate the sortation of your parcels

When parcels are received in a warehouse, they will need to be sorted. Depending on the weight, size or perhaps even location of their destination, they will be taken to different areas of the facility. Again, this is a huge outlay in man hours, so automating this process will save a huge amount of time and money.

Every warehouse is set up differently, which is why we’ve designed our parcel sortation system with a modular design. Each system can be built up of as little or as many chutes and conveyors as required, fitting perfectly within the warehouse.

We understand that every business is different, therefore you have different requirements and objectives. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will help to build a dimensioning solution that will work for you.

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