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How to streamline your warehouse processes and increase your customer satisfaction

As the market continues to get increasingly competitive and customer satisfaction becomes more important than ever, time plays a key role in staying ahead of the competition. This is why companies are increasingly investing in technologies such as dimensioning equipment that helps to gather important master data.

Cargo shipping costs calculated using dimensioning data

Manual calculation of shipping costs is quickly becoming a thing of the past, companies such as FedEx are now setting shipping rates based on shipment’s weight and dimensions, not on how it’s classified. Now, having highly accurate weight and dimension data is more important than ever. If you’re not getting the most accurate weight and measurements possible, then you’re likely going to be overpaying or overcharging your customers for shipping.

Keeping to schedule

Being able to trace your inventory throughout the full process is key to ensuring nothing is falling behind schedule. Implementing dimensioning machines at multiple stations within your warehouse allows each item to be processed and dimensioned, checking it’s as ordered. It also gives you the facility to collect weight and measurement data, a machine such as Resolution 5, the dynamic inline weigh dimensioner will allow you to weigh, dimension and collect SKU data for up to 2,000 items per hour. Each part of the process that has a dimensioner in place saves time on manual processing and also prevents falling behind schedule.

Customer disputes

We’ve all had something delivered that hasn’t arrived in the expected condition, right? This issue is something that can very quickly spiral out of control, depending on how the sender is able to deal with it. In the event of damaged items, as a fulfilment or logistics warehouse, it’s crucial to be able to quickly and effectively trace back the steps of the item in question and determine whether 1) the item was damaged when it left your facility and 2) if so, where and why this happened. The ability to capture images with Resolution dimensioners is key to being able to prove whether the products were damaged or not before they left your warehouse.

To find out more about how dimensioning machines can be used to gather master data and improve your customer satisfaction, contact a member of our team.

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