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What are Dimensioners and what's the easiest way to calculate the dimensions of a package or pallet?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

If your company is still measuring packages or pallets manually with a tape measure, then this blog post is for you!

Resolution Dimensioners can help increase profits by up to 35%. Automated dimensioning and weighing improves efficiency and vastly speeds up factory processes. Information is power and being able to record and access measurement data instantly enables greater control and improved forecasting capabilities.

How will a dimensioner benefit you?

If you are still measuring and recording weights and dimensions manually, you will be amazed at how much time our Dimensioning systems can save you, and just how little they cost. A dimensioner will help you systematically and accurately measure packages and pallets and instantly save the data to your chosen ERP, WMS or company software packages using CSV or Excel files sent via Ethernet, WiFi or RS232.

For pallet dimensioning, check out Resolution 4.

Resolution 4 the pallet weigh dimensioner

What are parcel, pallet and freight dimensioners and which is the best one for you?

Dimensioners are clever devices that can calculate the dimensions (length, width and height) of an object. But there are many different types of dimensioners with many different capabilities.

When considering what the best dimensioner is for your application you may wish to look at the following key features:

1. How do dimensioners calculate package dimensions and what technology does it use?

Some old devices use lasers or ultra-sound to calculate dimensions but this outdated technology is inaccurate, expensive and limiting. Resolution uses the latest 3D imaging technology for fast, accurate and cost-effective dimensioning and gives you the ability to use the data it calculates however you wish.

2. What types of objects can it measure?

The previous generation of dimensioners was limited to just cubic boxes, but next-generation dimensioners such as Resolution can measure any cubic or irregular-shaped package (such as bags or shrink-wrapped objects).

Resolution 6 the most advanced and accurate package dimensioner

3. How fast does it calculate the dimensions?

This makes a big difference to the efficiency of your processes and can be a real game changer. Our dimensioners calculate the dimensions of an object in under 0.05 seconds. Now, that's quick!

4. What can it do with the data once it's calculated it?

Ok, so you have the data calculated but do you now need some expensive interfacing software to get it into your spreadsheets or databases? With Resolution, all of the software is included free of charge and it is as simple as just sending an excel or CSV file via Ethernet or Wifi using the onboard web server. You can even remote in and download the data using a standard browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

5. Can it interface with scales, scanners, printers etc?

Resolution has a unique, cutting-edge API (a way of integrating it with other software and devices) and an easy-to-use web server that makes it incredibly simple to set up and connect to other devices such as scales, printers or scanners.

pallet dimensioner api and integration with wms

6. Is it a Real Volume Dimensioner? (this is really important)

Many dimensioners over-calculate the size of an object with bulging sides or bits of tape sticking out and unfortunately, this means you are charged more for your shipping. Resolution doesn't suffer from this problem and saves you money by calculating the real volume dimensions using its cutting-edge patented 3D imaging technology.

7. Can it measure multiple items at once and give a total? (this saves a lot of time)

With real volume dimensioners like Resolution, you can measure the dimensional weight of multiple packages at once and get the total dimensional weights of all packages. This saves you having to measure them one by one and can save you a tremendous amount of time.

We will address the above questions in more detail in the accompanying posts so keep an eye on our blog page to read more about Resolution Dimensioners.

To find out more about our dimensioning range, view it here or get in touch.

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