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Industry-leading dimensioners


Easily integrate with your Warehouse Management System using our custom API


Watch your efficiency increase with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms


Easy access to dimensioning results via a browser on your PC, tablet, or smart phone

Get dimensions in a fraction of a second, at a fraction of the price

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Why choose Resolution dimensioners?

Our next generation dimensioning solutions use revolutionary AI-driven 3D imaging technology to reduce costs and increase accuracy. Calculate dimensions, volume, weight, volumetric weight or dimensional weight of cubic or irregular shaped items in a fraction of a second and at a fraction of the cost of other dimensioners on the market. 


Resolution can operate stand-alone or be quickly and easily integrated into any WMS using our industry leading API and web-service.


"Our revenue per customer has increased substantially - between 5% and 35% and about 8% overall.


The dimensioners require little to no maintenance and about 15 mins of training to figure out"

Managing Director, Logis Express

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