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6 reasons to buy a high accuracy Reolution dimensioner

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Resolution high accuracy dimensioners

Resolution Dimensioners are the best weigh/dimension solutions on the market today, offering fast, accurate and highly affordable weighing and dimensioning solutions.

Our many customers include small warehousing companies through to multinationals, all of whom benefit from the increased efficiency and cost savings gained by having accurate dimensions and weight at their fingertips.

"Our revenue per customer has increased substantially - between 5% and 35% and about 8% overall. The machines require little to no maintenance and about 15 mins of training to figure out"

Managing Director, Logis Express

Here are the 6 key benefits and reasons why customers love Resolution Dimensioners. Find out how they could help you increase your revenues by improving operational efficiency and providing instant access to accurate dimensioning and weight data.

Key Benefits of Resolution Dimensioners

1. There aren't any on-going or hidden costs. All software licenses are "lifetime licenses" and are part of the initial buying price without any further payments required. We pride ourselves on providing a competitive upfront pricing structure that does not tie you to contracts or monthly payments.

2. Resolution has TeamViewer built-in as standard, allowing us to remote in free of charge within the first-year warranty period to support you and assist in integrating Resolution into your IT system (as required).

3. Resolution is the only dimensioning solution that is OIML and MID approved for irregular sizes objects. None of our competitors hold such an approval and it's a testament to the accuracy of Resolution that we are able to meet such stringent accuracy requirements and pass such in-depth testing by "Force" - the renowned Danish Approval Body.

4. Resolution's 3D Imaging Technology represents the Next Generation of Dimensioning Solutions and our unique software solutions provide faster, more accurate and lower cost dimensioning than our competitors who are still relying on older and outdated technologies

5. With Resolution you are future proofing your purchase. We are always adding more features and updating our software with better more advanced algorithms for higher accuracy and fast dimensioning. We roll these updates out free of charge to keep your system up to date with the latest technology.

6. Resolution has the most powerful API in the industry which means it can be easily integrated into any Warehouse Management System or software package. So, whether you need it to talk to your software now or in the future, you will have everything you need in one clever box and Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Serial communications at your fingertips.

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