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  • Read any type of barcode on moving objects
  • Plug and go with built in illumination - nothing else needed!
  • Ideal for barcode reading on high speed conveyors
  • Industry leading depth of focus and 27 decodes per second!
  • No on-going costs
  • Results and images are all saved in the reader and are easily accesible
  • Connect via RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP or web service
  • Get results and images via Powerful API 
  • Connect using Chrome browser and download results as Excel files 


Watch Resolution Bcode in action on Youtube!

Resolution Bcode - The Dynamic Barcode Reader

  • Supported Barcode Types: Any 1D or 2D
    Digital IO: 2 programmable digital IO ports (5V-TTL), 1 photocoupler input, 2 photocoupler outputs (100mA/50V, one reserved for integrated-lightning)
    Connectivity: 1 USB3 Port, HDMI, Ethernet, RS232
    Typical Depth-of-Field for Barcode Reading: 70cm
    Lightning: 16 ultra-powerful LEDs with strobe capability
    Interface: UI with HDMI and WebUI via Ethernet
    Filtering: Flexible barcode filtering/selection
    Speed: Max 27 decode-per-second
    Integration Features: Web-Service, Direct SQL Insertion, TCP/IP, Excel-readable file sharing
    Operating Voltage: 24V (220V when using provided adapter)
    Operating Current: 0.15A for Camera, 8A (max) for lightning
    Operating Temperature: -40 to +80 Celcius

  • Product Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 30cm

    Product Weight: 1.2 kg

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