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Our range of parcel, pallet and freight dimensioners use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and revolutionary 3D image processing technology, ultimately giving faster and more accurate dimensioning results. Weighing and dimensioning data is stored inside the camera, ready to be accessed easily via a customisable API.

Are you ready to save time and money as well as become more profitable? Integrate any of the below dimensioning solutions today.

Resolution Plus - Make the most of your dimensioning results

Take your dimensioning to the next level with Resolution Plus

Resolution Plus will give you many additional benefits, including unlimited product support, cloud storage and integration with popular warehouse management systems such as ShipStation, ShipHero and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Get ready to benefit your warehouse operations by making more data-led decisions.

Powered by Resolution 5, sort and analyse your parcels using our sortation system. With its modular construction, it's designed to work in any size warehouse and can be upscaled at any time. Get in touch to discuss your options.

Sort and analyse parcels 

dimensioning and parcel sorting for fulfilment warehouses
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