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Benefits of Resolution products for Ecommerce Fulfilment

As an Ecommerce Fulfilment company, it’s important to constantly review your procedures and look for opportunities to streamline your processes, ultimately making the fulfilment process more efficient and timely. There are many ways in which Resolution dimensioners will help with this, including;

  • Increased efficiency in your operations.

  • Collect and analyse data from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Integrate with any existing software or WMS with an industry-leading API.

  • Plug and go dynamic dimensioning - nothing else needed!

Increasing the efficiency of your fulfilment services

Maximising your efficiency is key, it allows you to speed up your processes as well as become more profitable. With the impressive throughput of Resolution dimensioning machines, you’ll be able to get dimensions, volume and weight of objects at an industry-leading rate. As an example, the Resolution 1 dimensioning camera is capable of capturing data in 0.05 seconds, find out more here.

Collect and analyse data from any device, anywhere

In a world of flexible working and analysing data from another site, the ability to collect and monitor data remotely is an absolute necessity. Resolution dimensioners have the ability to connect to Wifi or an Ethernet Network, so that you can see and download the results to excel from Google Chrome (or another internet browser). You can even control the camera through Chrome too!

Have a look at it in action:

Integrate with your existing software or Warehouse Management System

Over the years of doing what we do, we’ve noticed that having the ability to create a customised solution for each customer is crucial. Every business is different, therefore it’s very hard to provide one solution that fits all. In light of this, we’ve created an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows us to integrate Resolution Dimensioners with any existing software or Warehouse Management System (WMS), meaning that you can quickly and easily get dimensioning results fed into your software.

It’s a plug and go system!

One of the best things about integrating Resolution dimensioners with your existing fulfilment processes, is that there are no tricky set up requirements that will leave you baffled and take up much of your time. It’s as simple as it sounds, plug it in and get dimensioning!

Find out more about our individual products, here.

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