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Using dimensioning data to optimise your logistics operations

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Dimensioning data is an extremely valuable asset for any logistics depot or business. This article will take you through some of the key areas of your business that you can improve using data collected using a dimensioner.

Prevent overloads and unnecessary costs

Any business that transports goods needs to know the weight of what they’re transporting, as accurately as possible. Required by law, those responsible for sending the goods need to include the exact weight on the shipping documents. If the weight stated on the shipping documents is incorrect, there could be trouble for the sender. Using a pallet, parcel or freight dimensioner is the most accurate and time-effective way of determining the size and weight of an item.

It’s not just limiting the possibility of incorrect weight penalties that will save you money. By knowing the size and weight of your freight to a higher level of accuracy, you will be able to cut back on shipping costs as well as better optimise your cargo space.

Save time and money

When was the last time you checked how long it takes a member of staff to measure and weigh any of your cargo?

It could be taking someone 60 seconds or even longer to process just 1 item! Rather than digitally obtaining the data and automatically inputting it into your Warehouse Management System, they’re having to measure, weigh and input it manually. Times that by the number of items that go through your logistics hub and you'll be in for a shock.

Have a look at the Resolution 3 parcel dimensioner, integrating this will automate the dimensioning, volume and weight of your parcels.

Customer satisfaction

Wherever there is a demand to satisfy a customer requirement for speed, building on your business's efficiencies is absolutely crucial. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to business growth and profitability, therefore, making sure you’re meeting their expectations is very important. When it comes to logistics, customers want to make sure they’re paying a good price, but most of all they want their shipments to be on time.

Being able to follow your packages through the warehouse process in real-time is key to ensuring they’re not falling behind schedule. What logistics hubs are doing now is implementing dimensioning machines at multiple stations within their warehouse. For instance, when a delivery is taken, each item will be processed and dimensioned to check it’s as ordered and as well as to collect weight and measurement data. Each part of the process that has a dimensioner in place saves time on manual processing and also prevents falling behind schedule.

Have a look at the weighing solutions we recommend implementing:

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