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Resolution dimensioning solutions at Intralogistex trade show

Updated: May 3, 2022

Our first trade show since lockdown

Resolution 6, the parcel and small item weigh dimensioner

It’s no secret that events such as trade shows took a hit as a result of lockdown, however, we’ve been to a few recently and have to say the ‘buzz’ is definitely back. They're busy and people are enjoying going back to events, but that's not to say that they haven't changed as a result. It's been a while since we have exhibited and it's great to see people's reactions to the Resolution range of dimensioning solutions, there's a real interest in the intelligence of the dimensioning machines, especially with the likes of the API integration.

Resolution dimensioning parcel and freight solutions at Intralogistex trade show

Top points of interest

We spoke to a lot of people, both attendees and other exhibitors, a lot of which were Managing Directors, IT Specialists and Operations Directors. these were all people that had a keen interest in investing in technology that will help to move their business forward. Over the 2 days that we exhibited and discussed their needs for a dimensioning solution and demonstrated our products, these were the top points of interest;

1. Easy integration with any WMS

Resolution dimensioners feature an easy to use API, meaning they can be integrated with your favourite Warehouse Management System or software package. Allowing it to talk to your software means you will have everything you need in one clever box as well as Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Serial communications at your fingertips.

Data is one of the most powerful tools a business can possess. Resolution dimensioners allow you to gather, store and utilise dimensioning data and images.

2. Dimensioning irregular or ugly parcels and packages

Another reason Resolution dimensioners are so popular is their ability to dimension both cubic and irregularly shaped objects. Ask yourself, how many fulfilment warehouses only process cubic items? Not many at all. So why would you choose a dimensioner that couldn't process irregularly shaped objects?

Take a look at Resolution 7, dimensioning any sized parcel from 1-80cm has never been so easy.

3. No hidden costs

There aren't any ongoing or hidden costs to our dimensioning solutions. All required software licenses are lifetime licenses and are therefore part of the initial purchase price without any further payments required. All pricing is available on our website as we want you to be able to quickly and easily price up your solution. If you need any further details then do get in touch.

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