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How a dimensioner will help your fulfilment business move forward

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Ecommerce fulfilment is one of the fastest-growing areas in the logistics and distribution sector, and it’s only going to grow further as the world continues to shop online more and more frequently. As demand grows for fulfilment and 3PL companies, they’re constantly looking for ways to develop and become more efficient, often taking on new technology. But how can a dimensioner take your business to the next level?

Resolution dimensioners save time

measuring a parcel

How long does it take someone to measure and weigh a parcel and then input the data into your Warehouse Management System? This is something we encourage you to find out. You could find that it’s taking someone 60 seconds or even longer to process just 1 parcel! Times that by the number of parcels that go through your fulfilment warehouse and you'll get a pretty substantial number. The Resolution 3 parcel dimensioner measures the dimensions, volume and weight of your parcels in a fraction of a second, the results are automatically fed through to your WMS via an easy-to-use API.

Watch our video that shows you how just how easy it is to operate Resolution 3:

Covering your assets

dimensioning machine results

Integrating a Resolution dimensioner will help to cover your assets. If you don’t hold any data on your parcels, you run the risk of being at the mercy of the courier’s information. For instance, if a parcel is damaged during transport and you have no data to show its condition when it left your facility, the courier would assume that it was broken when handed over to them. A Resolution Dimensioner will automatically capture images of your parcels whilst recording data, meaning you will have a record of their condition, should an incident occur.

The ability to analyse dimensioning data

One of the main selling points of a Resolution dimensioner is that they can be instantly integrated with existing software using an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API). Once integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS), you will be able to remotely access weights, dimensions, barcode data, SKUs and more.

Have a read of the other benefits of Resolution dimensioners compared to other dimensioning machines here.

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