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Tips for ensuring your dimensioner has the best impact possible

If you're looking to invest in a dimensioning solution, you'll be keen to get it up and running as soon as possible, helping to make your warehouse become as profitable as possible. Ensuring you maximise the impact your dimensioner(s) have on your business is crucial, below are some tips for benefitting from your dimensioner as much as possible.

Make sure your staff are trained

What's more frustrating than spending money on a new system or piece of machinery and it not having the impact you had hoped? The key to this is ensuring your staff are properly trained. Also, show them the benefits of the dimensioner, it helps if they have bought into the implementation. Training will also limit the amount of downtime you will experience, lowering the risk of errors or damage to the system.

Make sure you have the right software

Think about not just how much data your dimensioner will gather for you, but also the value of the data to your business. Knowing the dimensions, weight and SKUs of your inventory will enable you to make smarter, better-informed decisions. However, it's crucial to have the right software to handle this data, otherwise, it limits the usefulness of the data you're gathering.

Keep your maintenance up to date

Well, this is an easy one. With Resolution dimensioners, there is no on-going maintenance. Tick!

Stay in touch!

We're not just a retailer, we know our dimensioners inside out as well as how they can be used to best impact your business. We've worked with an array of different businesses, so know what does and doesn't work. Also, on the rare occasion that you should encounter an issue, we're here to help. Keep communication open between us and we're sure our dimensioners will have a huge impact on your business.

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