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What are the benefits of dimensioning?

With the huge growth in online shopping and home deliveries, getting accurate dimensioning data is vitally important for ecommerce and logistics companies.

Resolution Dimensioners are fast becoming the "go-to" solution for ecommerce and logistics companies who need a fast, reliable and accurate dimensioning solution that is simple to use and easy to integrate into their WMS systems. Resolution is helping companies increase their revenues by up to 35% with improved efficiency and increased throughput. Below are are a list of benefits which customers get from incorporating Resolution Dimensioners into their businesses.

1. Increase your profit with Resolution Dimensioners

Dimensioners give companies vital measurement data that allows them track costs and improve efficiency. Without dimensioners, organisations have either incomplete or inaccurate information about the dimensional weight of packages they ship or receive. High, unfair or inaccurate shipping costs add to overheads and directly reflect bottom line profits.

According to our research undertaken at our customer's sites, there is on average a 40% difference between the declared value and actual value of dimensional weights. Dimensioners provide you a cost effective and systematic way to prevent higher-than-actual costs caused by incorrect dimensional data. If you are looking at cost savings this is the quickest and easiest way to increase your profits overnight.

There is on average a 40% difference between the declared value and actual value of dimensional weights...

2. Increase efficiency by speeding up your dimensioning and weighing operations

It is an unfortunate fact that, after a while, most operators stop measuring dimensions of freight with a tape measure. It is a tedious task and many people believe they can guess the size of an object accurately, but this is just not true. Guessing or inaccurate manual measurement leads to unnecessary additional costs and inconsistent processes.

We calculate it takes approximately two minutes to measure and record the dimensional and weight data for a simple shipment (and this is if you are doing it quickly and therefore potentially inaccurately!)

Using a dimensioner reduces the whole measuring and results saving process to a fraction of a second. That is a HUGE difference if you are shipping even 100 items per day. With the help of a dimensioner, you can increase the throughput of your facility and increase your profits.

3. Optimise your warehouse or factory with accurate measurement data

WMS Systems and Logistics Management Software are great at boosting the efficiency of warehouse operations and the transportation of goods. However, to fully benefit from these great technological tools you have to feed them with accurate dimensioning and weighing data.

Incorrect dimensional data causes errors during planning processes and your freight might not actually fit into the number of dispatch trucks that your efficiency software has calculated.

Equally, you may end up with insufficient space in your warehouse if you do not accurately know the dimensions of your incoming freight. Resolution Dimensioners provide you with accurate data continuously, and this data can be automatically shared with other software systems to makes your job easier and your processes more profitable.


For more information on our Resolution Dimensioning Solutions please contact us or call +44(0)1284 701222. We are experts in Dimensioning Systems and are happy to provide free advice on your requirement and a no obligation quotation.

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