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What is a dimensioner and who uses one?

If you're reading this, then you've most probably heard of a dimensioner. But perhaps that's raised more questions and uncertainty? Many organisations such as 3PL, logistics and fulfilment companies use a dimensioning machine, but what exactly are they and what do they do?

What is a dimensioner?

A dimensioner is a machine that measures the volume and dimensions of an object, the most common use is with parcels and pallets. For example, if a company provides a logistics service, they would use a dimensioner to calculate the shipping charge of freights based on the dimensions gathered by using a dimensioner. A scale is often used to also measure the weight of each pallet or parcel.

Who uses a dimensioner?

There are a lot of uses for a dimensioning machine, therefore they can benefit many different types of business. In particular, they're used by couriers, 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) companies, postal companies, fulfilment companies as well as e-commerce and retail companies.

Not so long ago, all couriers made the switch to a pricing structure that takes their freight's dimensions into account as well as their weights. This means that having a reliable, systematic and accurate solution to dimensioning and weighing all packages is one of the main focuses of these companies.

How do Resolution Dimensioners calculate the size of an object?

Unlike a lot of others on the market, Resolution dimensioners use industry-leading 3D imaging technology to capture the distance to their surroundings. These distance frames are then processed using calculated algorithms to extract the target object and the dimensions of the object measured using the calibrated distance data collected.

3D imaging is quickly becoming the most popular and effective dimensioning solution due to its speed, high accuracy, cost-effectiveness and also ease of use. The world of dimensioning is quickly moving on from primitive ultrasound, infrared sensors and expensive lasers. The 3D cubing system is the most effective and reliable solution there is, which is why Resolution represents the "next generation" of dimensioners!

dimensioning machine

Which dimensioner will best suit my company?

It's important to understand the different types of dimensioner there are. The dimensioning machine that would best suit you is often determined by the object that you will be dimensioning, for example, if you're an ecommerce fulfilment company that will be processing a lot of small to medium-sized parcels, you would most likely be looking to use Resolution 3.

For any information or to get help with a solution, get in touch.

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